AHSCA Overview


Advocate Health Supply Chain Alliance (AHSCA) is a regional Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) operated as a wholly owned entity by Advocate Health. AHSCA operates as a committed GPO. The expectation of our Members is that they participate and cooperate with the decisions of the group when voting on strategy and contracting award. Rather than other GPOs, AHSCA requires that Members maintain a 90% contract compliance (measured quarterly) rate. In addition to the economies of scale that AHSCA can offer, it is this commitment model that helps drive the lower prices that AHSCA receives and in most cases best-in-market prices.

The overarching goal of AHSCA is to drive supply and service-related value and cost savings to our members and the communities and patients they serve through our committed partnership model. Leveraging our membership of over 75 acute sites and the more than 1500 sites of care, AHSCA manages over $8.0 billion in contracted supply and services spend. The membership not only includes Advocate Health owned and affiliated locations, but several non-affiliated Member organizations, as well as sites operated by Advocate Health under a management agreement. AHSCA's membership is open to most any healthcare facility, regardless of it's affiliation with Advocate Health. Contact Us for more information about joining AHSCA.