Member Services


The relationship with our Members is managed by our Member Services team.  From the beginning of any new Member’s partnership with AHSCA, Member Services manages the onboarding and ongoing relationship with our members. Member Services is the principal customer service conduit for our Members and collaborates with the Member to ensure they are maximizing the value of the GPO and achieving their required contract commitment level.

Member Services is also responsible for onboarding new members to AHSCA. Whether these members join through a management agreement with Advocate Health, as stand-alone GPO members, or as affiliated entities, they must be onboarded to AHSCA. This process includes managing the entire process from the analysis of current spend, identifying key parties, working with vendor partners to switch allocation, and providing stocking levels to distribution partners. A key component of this onboarding process is the analysis for savings that the new Member achieves through the partnership with AHSCA.