Sourcing Team


The AHSCA Strategic Sourcing team offers centralized, enterprise contracting support for the GPO. Teams cover Non-Medical/Purchased Services, Pharmacy, Medical, and Capital & Equipment Planning for AHSCA members. Teams are then subdivided by specialty or service line. 

Contract Coverage
Adrienne Ainsworth Enterprise Vice President
Strategic Sourcing
Non-Medical/Purchased Services, Pharmacy, Medical, and Capital & Equipment Planning
Kathy Capp Assoc. Vice President, Strategic Sourcing
Non-Medical, Purchased Services
Finance, HR, Administrative Services, and Support Services
Lisa Grimm Assoc.  Director, Strategic Sourcing
Finance, HR and Administrative Services
Finance, HR and Administrative Services
Amy Mercado Assoc.  Director, Strategic Sourcing
Support Services
Support Services
Dan Dangler
Assoc. Vice President, Strategic Sourcing
Mary Bennet
Assoc. Director, Strategic Sourcing
Joe Bichler Assoc. Vice President, Strategic Sourcing
Medical, consumable products
Ashley Schroeder Director, Strategic Sourcing
Clinical Value Analysis
Clinical Value Analysis
Amanda Santalucia
Assoc. Director, Strategic Sourcing
Master Agreements and Research
Master agreements, supply chain technology, distribution, and research
Kathleen Gustafson Assoc. Director, Strategic Sourcing
CV, Interventional Radiology & Imaging
CRM, DES, TAVR, EP, Echo, IR, Contrast
Pat O’Mahoney Assoc. Director, Strategic Sourcing
Orthopedics, Spine, & Rehab
Total Joints, Trauma, Neuromodulation, Spine, Rehab
Robyn Henrichs Assoc. Director, Strategic Sourcing
Bedside patient care, infants/peds, PPE products, Critical Care, Med Surg
Megan Hegemann Assoc. Director, Strategic Sourcing
General Surgery & Surgical Specialties
Endo mechanical, Suture, Trocar, Mesh, Commodities, Instruments
Andy Spengler Assoc. Director, Strategic Sourcing
Capital & Equipment Planning
Capital Contracting, Capital Replacement, and Medical Equipment Planning
Joellen Moore Manager, Strategic Sourcing
Southeast Equipment Planning
Medical Equipment Planning – Southeast Region
Carla Quinlan Manager, Strategic Sourcing
Midwest Equipment Planning
Medical Equipment Planning – Midwest Region
Mike Lopez Assoc. Director, Strategic Sourcing
Procedural Capital
Surgery/GI, Anesthesia, SPD, CV/EP/IR, Imaging, Radiation Oncology
Sydney Sisk Assoc. Director, Strategic Sourcing
Nursing Capital
Bedside patient care, infants/peds, Critical Care, Med Surg, Pharmacy, Lab, Vehicle Fleet